Thursday, April 28, 2011

one two TREE!

Click to hear Natural Instinct Show and Agenda 21, Tree planting.
I often say "I'll let you know how it goes" so I thought I had better do just that. I'd like to cast your mind back to a previous blog called "wonderful result" here on Greenwatch ( when I spoke about a project for Charleville and a lovely green space with new trees and bird and bat boxes. Well it is almost completed with the help of Agenda 21 and wonderful community of people. They applied for funding under Agenda 21 and were successful and have been as busy as Easter Bunnies planting new trees and putting up bird boxes in the park in Charleville. It's also nice to know that in these hard times too, groups such as Agenda 21 realise the importance of helping communities and their environment. I went up there last week to do an interview with Ted Bradley and Tommy Kavanagh for my radio programme, "Natural Instinct", and it was glorious. So nice to see that people are interested in the Environment still and it wasn't just the 2 of them but several groups from the community such as St. Anne's Primary School, the Christian Brothers School secondary school and St. Josephs foundation with the Green Committee group there.
Ted Bradley & Tommy Kavanagh at the park in Charleville

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"One flew IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION of the Hornets nest!"

Hornet's nest and one busy wasp at the entrance
While I like to think I am "One with nature" at times, I realise that I am a lover of all nature most when it is outside. My shed is my little get away where I sit and read or think and relax. Imagine looking up and seeing this little beauty in the above picture, staring back at me this morning. I am lucky it was only the beginning of the hornets nest and very small although the picture was taken on my phone and close up so it may look big to the viewer. Thankfully only a couple of centimeters in size and one busy wasp! Beautiful and perfectly formed but  briskly removed.

A growing adventure

"Mmm Quite a lot of berries here then"
It's been a busy spring for me, trying to get everything organised. College exams coming up in a few weeks require study and with the radio station I am with finally due to go on the airwaves (at last) and not just on the internet I am trying to get programme ideas ready to record. Last year as you may have read I grew my lovely cherry tomatoes and was really chuffed with the result. So I am back on the bandwagon and growing them again and at present they are on my window sill and growing "mighty fine too!" But I did have ambitions of trying a few other, dare I say, crops this year and time was running out....