Sunday, June 26, 2011

Having the choice

 If we reduce the unnecessary wrapping then
there us no need to worry about where it goes after the shopping
 is done.

Nothing drives me more mad than having to buy produce with a plastic wrapper. Yes, of course there are exceptions to the rule such as buying a pound of mince that simply cannot be thrown into a basket unwrapped for obvious reasons besides the fact that you would get some very odd looks, and also probably end up being quite ill. I went to my local supermarket today to get all the bits and pieces that are not so readily available in my own small town. I buy all my meat in the local butchers and visit the farmers market when I can but you know how a trip to the supermarket is unavoidable still. I try to buy as much fresh fruit and vegetables as I can so that I can stay away from the frozen food and ready made dinners. I'm not a fan unless I'm in dire straits! I made a vow to myself that wherever possible I will buy all of my fruit and vegetables loose so that I keep away from the plastic. It was impossible today. Absolutely impossible. The leeks were packaged and so were the mushrooms, lettuce, potatoes and everything else I needed. Oh, with the exception of 2 tomatoes and 2 onions which I found for myself. What is it with supermarkets? None of these items need plastic to grow and they come from the ground-yes soil or even MUD you could say. Its hardly to keep them clean. Most of the wrapping advises washing before use anyway. I was really mad today that I couldn't even make the choice of picking up loose veg over wrapped. Ok so there were brown bags in which to place loose mushrooms but they were gone, and all other types of which there were plenty were wrapped, and I could have had loose carrots from Spain instead of Ireland but my other half prefers new carrots and he eats so little veg anyway that I buy whatever he'll eat in order to give him the nutrients that keep him well. Anyone trying to look after a family would do the same. How long is it going to take before the supermarkets and the government (and the people in between) use their heads and make the change? It's so easy and without as much wrapping we have less to throw away and that includes food. I mean I might need 5 mushrooms for example but have 10 or more in a pack that usually go off in the end as I dont need so many.

Here is a challenge for you;

  • Next time you go the the supermarket let me know if you were given the choice to pick loose fruit and veg over packaged. If you buy packaged take everything out that doesn't need a cover to stay fresh and see how much wrapping you have acquired at the end of the shopping run. Just put it on your table and look at how much you have. 

Could you change the way you shop? Will you ask the supermarkets to allow you to choose loose, fresh foods?

I really would like you to comment on this post and let me know your opinions. Dont mention brands of supermarkets but maybe by doing this other readers will follow suit in the battle against plastic and unnecessary waste. Its up to you to do your bit.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A touch of Magic...

I saw this little beauty quite a few months ago and lets face it alot of these items disappear just as fast as they come but this intrigued me. I picked it up to take a look at the ingredients but couldn't find any. I wondered was this because there is something in it that the manufacturers would rather I didn't see or was it that the ingredients were so simple that they are afraid I'll be able to concoct it myself. Either way I read that it is eco friendly and as this mighty "Doktor Power" product from JML that is supposed to clean a multitude of items it ended up in my basket. Here is how it got on.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Did I miss something?

Has summer passed me by? Was I asleep? No apparently not. Its June 11th and its cold. I am still in my winter gear and not impressed. I know I am not alone. I have spoken to many people this week who, having switched the heating off for the summer months have now switched it back on and I must admit I am there with them. I have even lit the fire once or twice in the past two weeks. So where am I going with this? Well you can be a little bit wise with the heating if you keep the following in mind....

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Do we have the power?

I was at my mother in laws this weekend and we had the usual catch up on what has been going on since we last met. She knows that I have my blog and radio show and asks how I am doing. Somewhere along the way we got onto electricity and the cost of. She has one of the old house meters and has been noticing lately what electrical goods in her house are using the most electricity in seemingly large amounts each time she uses them. Here are the main 3 items that stood out.....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh dear what can the matter be...

...well it would appear that my lettuce have taken a turn for the worse as you can see below.

"Lettuce have a look"
These have been growing since mid April and to be honest you wouldn't think so. They have been fed, loved and .... over watered, OOPS! I only realised this when I decided to put them in bigger pots to try and give them a boost only to find that they were drenched and then I understood what was wrong. Disappointed? Yes. Giving up? No. Well I dont know if they'll pull through but I'll do my best to turn it around. I mean I never professed to be a pro at this but I have certainly learned from it. I feel like someone from the Neolithic (but in modern surroundings!) they didn't have libraries and gardening books to teach them-neither could they read but that is beside the point. They learnt how it all worked by trial and error and so will I. Mind you I have had much more luck else where if you want to see....