Thursday, June 28, 2012

Saving a few pounds...or losing them

One of the things I like about being green is when I can do it and save money. As if we needed reminding we are going through a spot of trouble on the economical front and many cut backs have to be made. For example, when I had a job I loved going to the gym and taking a swim and a sauna not even stopping to think of the price I was paying per year and certainly not considering the electricity being

used (or perhaps wasted on the many occasions I was too lazy to go). I've loved seeing these outdoor gyms popping up all around the country. Yes they require more material that wont naturally break down but the only energy required is the energy that we put in manually. Not only that but we can get fit and take in the fresh air (when its not raining of course but who is to say that you cant train even then?). My hubby and I went to the next town to check out the outdoor gym for ourselves and although we didn't stay long as we were just taking a look, we will definitely be going back. No fees, instructions on how to use the equipment written up, fresh air and ...hopefully...a fit me by the end of it all.

Are you familiar with these Outdoor Gyms? Let me know what you think of them

A berry welcome present!

Its fair to say that so far this summer in Ireland it's been a toughy in the garden. So much bad weather hindering crop growth and the slugs appear to be in heaven as they chomp away on cabbage leaves and lettuce, marigold and ...well absolutely everything if i'm honest. Its been disheartening. However there have been some triumphs and as small as some of them were they were indeed quite satisfying. Popping out to the garden to pull fresh cabbage and be munching away on it 30 minutes later would put the happiest smile on your face. Last night as many of you may already know was horrific with torrential rain, thunder and lightening and floods in many of our well loved towns. Even more disappointing was to find that one of our trees on our estate had been vandalised and pulled to the ground putting me into a temper not so dissimilar to someone suffering very badly from PMT!!! Calming myself down and (slightly bitterly) telling myself that it was "their" loss as they destroyed a means to their own fresh air I thought I had better pop out to the garden and water some of the tomato plants in the green house who are also struggling due to lack of sun poor things. Lo and behold there was a little suprise waiting for me to renew the smile on my face and let me know that all was not bad. The berries are ripening and I was able to pick just a few that appear to be ready. Whenever a door is closed someone opens a window! :)