Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yes we can!

Its always so satisfying to stand back and be able to appreciate work that you have completed and today was no different. A small group of us have been meeting over a few Saturdays in the town of Buttevant to spruce up the place and entice visitors into our lovely historic community. The are we chose to was at the entrance to the town from the Mallow side where there is lovely stone waling. Inititially alot of it was covered by ferns and weeds as is to be expected at any roadside when it is not cared for. While I am not so o fay with flowers (more interested in veg) other people had the knowledge to guide me. Also many flowers and seeds were brought by one member and it is her contribution that produced such a wonderful array of flowers that you see in the photos. In all honestly it only took a few hours of hard work to achieve this section - usually one hour a week but of course watering is always appreciated at other times if volunteers can make it.

 How pretty and colourful our approach road looks now. Why cant it always be like this? Well because it takes volunteers to give up some precious time and and be part of their community. Its great to be able to get away form Facebook and email, phones and shopping and while away an hour chatting to someone as you pull a weed here and there. This is something that we dont do enough of and it gets us away form the hussle and bussle of what is now very much a stressful life. Not only are you benefiting the area with regards to looks you are encouraging wildlife: bees, butterflies, pollination. Ridding the possibilities of extinction of some precious insects.

Infact we are looking for more volunteers so that we can achieve this throughout the town and the more people we have the more colourful, cheerful and enticing the town will look. So do yourself a favour and be a part of your community wherever you are. Get out in the fresh air and leave the worries of everyday life behind. What ever you think about politics, I think Obama got it right when he said
Yes we can!

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